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Come for the office space, stay for the community


Why InSpark?


This is so much more than a co-working and shared work space.

You are invited to a welcoming community of people just like you—entrepreneurs, business owners, remote workers, and freelancers where everyone is welcome and willing to help.

The open space concept allows for head’s down focus when you need it and networking opportunities when you are looking for extra business support and connection. Whether you need an office away from your home office, want to ditch the traffic once a week, or if you need a permanent space to call your own, you can find it here.

InSpark is a space where you can be productive, connect, collaborate and
grow your business!

What our members are saying

Carissa Hahn

Executive VP of Communications Workers of America

We chose to move our workspace into the InSpark offices after many years in a rigid and expensive CRE contract.

At InSpark we have access to a quiet working space, complete with private rooms, that affords the environment necessary to be productive without giving off a ‘cubical vibe’.”

Amy Lang

Owner of Birds+Bees+Kids

“If you are working from home, like me, what a joy it is to escape my house for a few hours a week!

The space is light and airy, there’s coffee, some ‘office’ chit-chat and—the best thing—I get more work done because I don’t have any distractions.”

Features and Amenities

You’ll have everything you want and need to feel totally at home.

Free Parking

Mailing Address options

Mailing Address options

Private meeting spaces


Coffee/Tea/Filtered Water

Beverage Center

Coffee/Tea/Filtered Water

Private Locker option

Community events

Community events

High speed internet and ethernet

High Speed Internet

Private meeting spaces

Private meeting spaces

Conference Rooms

Conference Rooms

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