Written by Debby Mycroft of Memories Worth Telling

Good fortune was on my side when I learned that the opening of my business coincided with the opening of InSpark Coworking in Lynnwood. 

I had been working from home as a freelance writer in the due diligence industry for 13 years when I decided it was time to pursue my dream job of writing family stories and preserving their legacies.  As I embarked on my new business journey, I immediately saw the benefits of joining InSpark as a full-time member.

The benefits over the past two years have been multi-faceted.

#1 My contacts have grown exponentially.

When I began building my business, I faced a double challenge of changing industries and moving from a consistent flow of incoming work, to a business model where I would have to actively market my services.  This required me to quickly establish new business contacts and to engage in a variety of networking opportunities.  Both of these requirements were fulfilled through InSpark.  As I made connections with other members, they introduced me to potential power partners, clients and networking groups. 

#2 The work environment has contributed to my productivity.

Although I am a focused worker and able to be productive from home, there are distractions there (kids, pets, chores, and so on).  At InSpark I am able to give my undivided attention to my company.

#3 The professional workspace provides credibility to my business.

InSpark has provided me with a business location to host meetings and workshops.  InSpark has multiple work environments, including a large open area with desks, two small rooms for private phone calls and small meetings, five cubicles, and two large conference rooms.

#4 InSpark community members provide expertise and support in many ways.

Other members have provided insightful feedback on my company?s inner workings and the broader vision.  They are a great resource for discussing best business practices and serve as a sounding board for new ideas.  I have collaborated with some members on specific projects, I have used the services of others, and we all promote one another in the community.  We discuss social media trends, the pros and cons of various technologies and apps, new tax laws, brand and marketing strategies, and so much more.  Knowledge abounds and is shared here.

Tracey Warren, the founder of InSpark Coworking in Lynnwood has truly created a community space designed to promote the growth of your business. 

Reach out to Tracey today to schedule a tour.  I look forward to seeing you at InSpark.