Conference Room & Event Space Rental Agreement

Inspark Coworking LLC, 16824 44th Ave. W. Suite 130 Lynnwood, WA 98037

This Agreement between the renter and Inspark Coworking defines the terms and conditions for rental of the conference rooms and event space.   The following terms and conditions apply to all rentals:     

1. Rental will be on a first come, first served basis. Member bookings take priority.      

2. Rentals may not be scheduled more than 6 months in advance.  

3. The conference rooms and event spaces are for business related purposes only.  No personal events are to be scheduled.

4. The rooms and event spaces are set up with tables and chairs.  Should Renters require a different set?up, the renting party will be responsible for the rental of additional chairs or tables as required. The Renter will be responsible for the removal of the rented equipment and the return of the room to its normal condition.     

5. Renters are responsible for any damage to the facilities and/or contents and fixtures.  All   damage must be reported to the  staff immediately.  Room Renters will be expected to cover all repairs and replacement cost of any damage to the facility itself and or the contents of such.     

6. The Room(s) must be left in proper order, with all paper, trash, cups, etc. disposed of in trash receptacles.  Waste cans should be emptied in appropriate locations.  All chairs and tables should be placed back in their original position.     

7. Smoking is not permitted in the building.     

8. The conference room shall not be used for any fraudulent purpose.  

9. It is understood, that Inspark Coworking, LLC is in no way responsible for any personal injuries, property damages, or other liabilities that may be incurred during use of their facility.  Renter agrees to release indemnity and hold Inspark Coworking, LLC,  harmless of any such damages.      

10. Conditions of Use.  Renter?s activities during the Rental Period must be compatible with use of the building and activities in areas adjacent to the Rental Space and building.  This includes but is not limited to playing music or making any noise at a level that is reasonable under the circumstances. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the building by local ordinance.  The Rental Space must be cleaned and returned in the condition it was in prior to the rental.    Inspark Coworking, LLC may apply additional charges for cleaning from the deposit for Renter?s failure to do so.     

11.  Signs and Decorations.  Signs may not be posted outside of the meeting room except one   sign may be placed on the front door directing Renter?s guests to the second floor.  Use of glitter, sparkles, rice, birdseed, or similar material is not allowed.  The use of fire or open flame of any kind, fireworks of any kind, or any toxic or noxious material is strictly prohibited.  Signs or decorations may be affixed to any surface only if such affixation will not mar, deface or leave a mark on the surface when removed.  Any other decoration, signage, or construction must be pre?approved by Inspark Coworking, LLC.

12.  Damages.  Renter is responsible for any loss or damage to the Rental Space, adjoining facilities, building common areas, or building exterior or grounds.  This includes all damages to any equipment, fixtures, surfaces, including the ceiling, floors and floor finishes, or any other property.  Additional charges may incur to cover the cost of repairing damages.  Renters agrees and acknowledges that Renter is liability for loss or damages.  

 ???Evaluation of Damages. Following evaluation of the condition of the event room after the rental period by Inspark Coworking LLC staff, damages will be immediately documented and the need for additional charges will be assessed.

????Reservation of Rights.  Inspark Coworking LLC reserves the right to cancel agreements for non?   payment or for non?compliance with any of the rules, terms and conditions set forth in   this Agreement.  Inspark Coworking LLC reserves the right to require proof of insurance from Renter as a condition to entering this Agreement.  

??? Renter?s Property.  Inspark Coworking LLC is not responsible for items belonging to Renter or Renter?s guests that are lost, stolen, or damaged during the Rental period.  Renter, and Renter?s guests as   Renter?s permitted invitees, release Inspark Coworking LLC from any and all liability for loss or damages to such property.

????? Liability for Guests.  Renter is, and hereby acknowledges that it is, liable for the actions and  behavior of Renter?s guests during the Rental Period, and at any other time such guest is on or around the Rental Space as a result of Renter?s use of the Rental Space.  Inspark Coworking LLC will not be liable for the safety of Renter?s guests.    renter agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Inspark Coworking LLC from all liability arising from the activities of renter and renter?s guests during the rental period.