What is your business?

Andrea King Travel ~A luxury travel company~

What is your website?


How long have you been in business?

10 years; been in the industry for 15 years

What do you love most about the work you do?

I get to utilize my experience and expertise to create dream vacations for couples and families

Who is your favorite client?

Honeymoons and Weddings – It’s such an important and impactful time in ones life, and I love that I am invited to be a part of it. Honeymooners are stressed, in the midst of planning their wedding, dealing with family, etc. The honeymoon is their reprieve and they want it to be as perfect as possible. Having someone look over every step of the trip allows them to simply enjoy and make great memories. My clients don’t generally fuss over cost as this is one time where they want to step it up, and will make sure they have the time of their lives no matter the expense.

Why do you cowork?

Less overhead than a traditional office, super goal oriented people surrounding me all day, the ability to brainstorm if I need to get out of my head and see things from a different angle, and Tracey is in my presence all day. Pretty kick-ass combo!