What are you excited about right now? 
I have been asked to lead the Training & education position within the eXp Realty Seniors Network.  Currently, there is a membership of 650 members.  Im excited to bring that same eduction to the general population of Realtors as I am certified to teach in WA state on the subject of Seniors in Transition.

Who is your ideal client? 
I am interested in working with Clients that are First-time buyers as they are looking for guidance in that first home purchase. I want to see that they receive the most information to make an educated decision.  My second favorite is those folks making transitions after 55plus.  With my 22 years of experience, I’m able to help with their Vision & Dreams for that next step. I work well with families & Seniors who need to make the transition into assisted living environments.  They have options & I want to help them be informed and not taken advantage of by scammers & opportunists.

What is a big goal you are working towards right now?  
To build a revenue share monthly cash flow of $5,000 with the combined activity in eXp Realty and Banner Seasons.  Facilitating retirement in 2025

What advice would you give yourself if you were starting over? 
Take care of your database, by keeping in touch with them monthly throughout your career.  Anyway, you can.  And in a way that makes you happy. This why I am excited about the tools provided by eXp Realty and Banner Season.  They work together well.

What is your business superpower?
Calm & Patient.  An advisor that takes time to understand and advise on the bigger picture.

What is something people don’t understand about the work you do? 
How much education we need to stay on top of.  The time it takes. The multitude of tasks & costs associated with them.  What the potential is for a costly mistake.

Why the InSpark Community? 
To connect, be surrounded by like-minded, Create & share opportunities.  Air-conditioned. And a  place to meet people.