Little things that make all the difference.

Customer service. It seems like an easy enough idea, right And yet, what we are finding anymore is that common sense isn’t all that common.

While setting up an appointment with a coach recently, she asked me what my favorite snacks were then provided some of those exact snacks when we met for our appointment. Getting new headshots taken and the photographer asked me what food allergies I had and what my favorite music is so she can provide those for our time together.

It got me thinking. These are some of the dumb things that make all the difference. Only, these things aren’t dumb. They are essential to good customer service. So, I asked my Facebook friends a question. ?When it comes to good customer service, what is something that seems minor that makes a HUGE difference for you as a customer/client?

Here are their responses:

  • A smile.
  • Listening to what I want. (I want to expand on this one for a moment. I have been part of many a conversation where I felt like a wallet, instead of a person. And, it didn’t matter what I said, THEY had the solution. Listen first.)
  • Try to think one step ahead of me.?(Isn’t it amazing when a provider tries to anticipate your needs?)
  • An attempt to relate to me as a person, eye contact, a little friendly chitchat, a real smile.
  • If we are working together, keep me up-to-date about progress.
  • Saying my pleasure instead of you’re welcome. It’s a simple nuance, but the slight adjustment makes an impact. (Stephanie gets credit for this one!)
  • Knowing my name. Saying it right, spelling it right.
  • Kindness.
  • Prompt responses to email, texts, messaging.
  • Remembering my likes.(Personal note: If you remember that I am gluten and dairy free that is the way to my heart! It encourages me to try and remember the same for others.)
  • Acknowledgement.
  • Before you meet with someone, check out their website, etc.
  • Listening. Building a connection. Remembering details about my life, family, pets, etc.
  • Ask about my family. Make it personable.

Simple enough, right?

What is one thing that makes YOU stand out as a service provider? What is something you would like to take up a notch? I would love to hear your ideas!