What does it mean to Marie Kondo your Facebook feed?

Put simply, it means to organize what you see on your Facebook feed to have more control of the content you absorb. And in this blog, we’ll be discussing Marie Kondo’s method of organizing clutter.

The KonMari Method

Close-up of real life messy desk in office

While it was first developed for organizing actual storage, the principles followed in the KonMari Method are applicable to your devices, too. and it starts by asking yourself:

Does it spark joy?

It’s a simple question when it comes to a t-shirt you’ve had since college, or the kitchen tool you’ve never used. But, how do you use that measurement to help with your social media?

I would love to take a few minutes to share what I’ve done in hopes it might help you.

1. I have blocked ALL news organizations.

This isn’t about putting my head in the sand but with the way companies share news, they over-sensationalize headlines (for maximum clicking) and it’s just not what I want to be doing when I spend time on Facebook.

2. I have blocked most of the sites that just get shared.

There are a number of Facebook pages that share content for the sole purpose of getting engagement. It isn’t unique or remarkable. It’s the same stuff that people share over and over and over again and it’s gotten old.

3. I have blocked all right-wing AND left-wing news websites.

There is a lot of misinformation that gets shared that is so slanted. It’s the content that causes fights because it’s so ridiculous. For every anti-vaxing site, there is another one refuting every argument. Either way, there is no new information, no compelling anything.

4. I have marked some people as See First.

Then, every time I log in, I see their new posts at the top of my feed. (I really only do this with a few people.

5. I’ve created friend lists.

Those allow me to put specific people into groups I create then I can go through those feeds individually. After all, you can’t fully Marie Kondo your Facebook feed without sorting stuff into categories!

6. If all people ever post is negative, anger-inducing things I snooze them for 30 days.

The interesting thing about this tactic is even after the 30 days, I rarely see their posts anymore.

If people have a business and NOT a business page and therefore share about their business all the time on their personal profile, I snooze them, too. If you have a business, you need to have a business page.

7. I also spend VERY LITTLE time on Facebook over the weekend.

This isn’t about my feed specifically but it’s a regular break from the noise and I need that.

I hear people complain a lot about Facebook and all the negativity and blah, blah, blah. This is a reminder that ultimately YOU have control over how you consume information on the platform. These are a few ways I limit the way my newsfeed gets delivered to me. And, you know what I get so much more JOY from Facebook this way! Bonus!

I would love to hear what you’ve tried to make Facebook spark more joy for you, too! And if you’re looking for more people to share ideas with, why not visit our co-working space in Seattle?