When it comes to co-working space perks, the sky’s the limit! But one perk you won’t find in other Seattle co-working spaces is free chair massages!

How did InSpark land this perk? 

When a massage school calls and says they have students who need to practice and need to do free chair massages and that they can come to InSpark to offer them, of course we said yes!

So we’re inviting YOU to come in for a free—truly free, they can’t even accept tips—15 minute chair massage.

Top 3 Benefits of a Chair Massage

Many studies show the many benefits of chair massages but here are our top picks!

  1. Reduces stress

A chair massage reduces stress by bringing down the heart rate and relaxing tense muscles. Many people experience chronic low-grade stress on a daily basis. This can lead to long-term side effects like more frequent headaches, muscle tension, lowered immunity, increased blood pressure, weight gain, and fatigue.

  1. Relieves neck pain

Most people who experience neck pain know that the pain can be debilitating. Often, people will try to treat the pain with medications or other treatments, but these methods often don’t work for long. Anything from a hard day at work to poor sitting posture can cause neck pain.

A chair massage has been proven to help relieve neck pain and could even eliminate the need for medication.

  1. Brightens your mood

If you’re feeling stressed or just want to take a break from your desk, it’s time for a chair massage! The good news is that simple things like a chair massage can provide relief from the tension and anxiety that builds up in our muscles.

Limited time only!

There will be 6 students here Monday – Thursday; April 15 – 18 and April 22 – 25 from 1 – 4:40 p.m. so that’s a lot of spots to fill.

Stop by to sign up for a spot or 5—no seriously! Bring a client, bring your coworkers! It would be amazing to fill up their schedule and help you relax a bit.

Enjoy more co-working space perks at InSpark. We look forward to seeing you here!