When you create more visibility, you create opportunities for other people to find you and join in your conversations.

There are multiple points of view on how many hashtags is too many, or whether they are effective at all. Best practice is to take a test and see approach. What hashtags are you using that get engagement? Keep using those! If they aren’t increasing engagement, reevaluate.

Someone told me recently they didn’t have time to measure to see what’s working or what’s not. I would argue you don’t have time to NOT!

This isn’t about Random Acts of Marketing, but rather forming a systematic and strategic plan that works for you and your business. When you have that, it’s easier to hire help in this area.

Bonus note: Please don’t share your Instagram posts automatically to Facebook. The language on each platform is different and hashtags tend to not be as effective. Again, this can be a test and see to make sure this is true for you.


#MotivationMonday or #MondayMotivation Start the week on an upbeat note with a motivational picture quote. Bonus if it?s branded!

#MondayFunday Share something fun about you or your business!

#MusicMonday People love to know what kind of music you (or your team) favor, and to share theirs. Or you could feature an upcoming concert, or one you attended over the weekend

#MondayMemories We have lots of opportunities to share throwbacks. Monday is your first chance of the week!

#MindfulMonday Perfect for a business or life coach, yoga studio, and more.

#MeowMonday  Um, cats, of course!

#MarketingMonday Share a tip that’s worked for your business.


#TipTuesday Perfect for any business! Share your expertise with your followers in a tip graphic.

#TravelTuesday When it fits, show where your business (or pleasure) has sent you lately.





#TuesdayShoesday Spotlight on fun or interesting shoes in your office!

#TongueOutTuesday or #TOT Perfect for pets and silly people!


#WellnessWednesday or #HealthyHumpDay or #WednesdayWorkout If relevant to your business or personal brand, share a health-related tip.

#HumpDay Celebrate your midweek accomplishments, or the fact that youve made it half way through the week!

#WisdomWednesday (or #WednesdayWisdom) An opportunity to share a smart business tip.

#WayBackWednesday Another trip down memory lane!

#WoofWednesday Dog day!



#ThankfulThursday Show gratitude to a client, customer, employee, or supporter of your business. Or, get your followers thinking positively by asking them to name something they’re thankful for.

#TBT or #ThrowbackThursday The most popular day of the week hashtag! Show something you or your company did in years past, your company’s growth, products or services you offered years ago.

#ThursdayThoughts Share your thoughts on a trending topic in your niche.

#ThinkPositiveThursday Got a positive thought for Thursday? Share it in a picture quote.

#ThirstyThursday In the food or health niche? Post a decadent or healthy beverage!


#FF or #FollowFriday or #FeatureFriday Spotlight another user on the social media platform. They may return the favor later!

#FBF or #FlashbackFriday When you do throwbacks, the best benefit is you don’t have to create new content!

#FridayFunday  or #FunnyFriday Post a meme, or something fun, as people slide into weekend mode.

#FreebieFriday Do you have a giveaway? Friday is a great day to share it.


#FoodieFriday Great for food bloggers, restaurants, and fitness businesses or an awesome opportunity to post a pic of a fabulous meal!

#FeelGoodFriday Post feel-good photos or quotes that your audience would love.

#Friyay #FridayVibes #FridayFeeling #TGIF Celebrate that the weekend is here!


#Caturday Did you miss #MeowMonday? Here is your second chance!

#SaturdaySwag Perfect to tag products you sell, or are giving away in a contest.

#SocialSaturday Ask your followers a question so you can get to know each other!

#ShoutoutSaturday Give a shout out to one of your star employees or best customers.

#SalesSaturday #SaturdaySpecial #SaturdaySale Offer a Saturday-only discount on your product or services.

#SaturdaySweat Share your fitness routine or sweaty chores today!

#Small Business Saturday

#SaturdaySweets Candy stores, bakeries, restaurants, and nutrition experts can share their special treats or a recipe with this tag.


#SS or #SelfieSunday Where does your Sunday take you?


#SundayRead Share a recent blog post, or a book you are reading

#StartupSunday Share your origin story.

#SpotlightSunday There are all sorts of things you can spotlight! Get creative!


Test some of these out and let us know. What worked for you? We would love to hear!