Latest Past Events

Monday Appreciation and Accountability – virtual

This will be a quick zoom call on Monday. Get on the call, share a gratitude, set your intention for the week and we will do a week end check in on Friday in our private Facebook group. Zoom link every week will be the same...

Coffee with Creatives – Virtual

We meet every Thursday morning to chat about projects we are working on, ideas we might need some clarity about, about important things - or nothing at all. Grab your favorite cup and join us for a discussion! Topics include...whatever is on our minds that morning, so they have been deep and wide. Gather with […]

Business Brainstorm – Virtual

On our own, it's so easy to get tripped up in our businesses. In a group, we have a great opportunity to work out ideas, gain new ones and share our ideas as well. If you would like to discuss an idea you have, work out a challenge or come to the table with something […]