When out talking to people, I hear a lot of the same stories from people. So, I thought I would write this post to talk a little bit about those statements I hear repeatedly about why people don?t want to cowork.

  1. I will be too social.

I totally get that one. Massive extrovert here and I LOVE to talk. But this space isn’t really designed for lots of social conversation. There is always time and opportunity to catch up, but then it’s about getting to work!

  1. I will be too distracted.

As someone who worked from home for several years, I was a master at allowing distractions to get in the way of succeeding in my business. They can happen here too from time to time which is a great place for earbuds or noise cancelling headphones. If there are noise-based distractions, they usually start and end rather quickly and everyone gets back to work.

  1. It’s too noisy.

This one surprises even me. Even when there are 10 people in here working, it’s still silent! (It’s remarkable, really!)

  1. It’s too far.

I get this one too. I’m not a fan of driving too far for things either. What we hear over and over though is about the added productivity people experience here. So, while the drive may be 20-30 minutes the amount of work they accomplish far makes up for the time spent.

  1. I don’t need your space.

This one may apply to many of you. You have an office and maybe even a home office. I don’t want to disagree with any of you on this one. I will share, however, what I have seen in the past almost 2 years of business is the leads that are generated in our space. People coming together in coworking do get to know one another over time and will hire each other or make other connections and introductions. Lead generation at our events is a highly underrated benefit.

  1. I need childcare!

Yeah, InSpark really isn’t designed (or licensed) for children, but there are some simple and close by solutions. KidsPark Lynnwood for kids 2.5 to 12 years old and has a family registration fee of $30. Time4Kidz is for kids 2.5 to 10 years old and their registration is $20. They offer a 10-hour punch card for $80. Both have great reviews and offer affordable hourly childcare options!

Please don’t take this as me just blowing off your objections that is not my intent.

It is an invitation though to come and see for yourself. Plan a few hours or a whole day and come and see what the Spark is all about!

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