You may not know this about me, but my background is in MLM and Direct Sales. I sold Avon for almost 19 years BEFORE social media. I also have experience with a few other direct sales companies.

I also want to be clear about something. I am working at being much more direct in my communication rather than passive aggressive. What that usually means is reaching out to people individually and having conversations. The problem here is there isn’t enough time in my life to have individual conversations regarding these topics.

And, I would be remiss if I didn’t include a caveat here. If this isn’t you that’s AWESOME! The purpose of this isn’t to shame you or make you feel guilty. I want you to be HUGELY successful online and off! (if you know me personally, you would know that is 100% true.)

Please hear this before you continue to read. I am a huge champion for people in business. I want you to succeed. Please keep that in mind as you go forward.

Want to stand out and shine? Consider the following.

  1. I love you and I already have a business. I know to be successful I need to commit all my efforts to just one. I am excited for you and I’m glad you are finding fulfillment in building a team. It’s not for me, though and that’s ok.
  2. I love you and I can afford to BUY your products. I don’t need to have a party to earn some for free. I’m kinda partied out at this point in my life. Let’s have coffee and I will buy something from you instead. Now, that sounds fun!
  3. I love you and I would love to like your Facebook business page. Your teeth-whitening, wrinkle-reducing, meal-replacing, lash-enhancing products would best be shown on your business page. I will happily engage with those products there. Posting those items on your personal page (and having no business page) is actually a violation of FB Terms of Service and can get you put in Facebook Jail or get you removed from Facebook. (I wrote an entire blog post about that.)
  4. I love you and please try not to be sneaky about what you sell. Own it, share it loud and proud. You don’t represent a line that offers this or that. You sell _______. It’s ok. I will trust you more if you just say it.
  5. I love you and ask me questions and listen! Talk to me about what I use or need before you start trying to sell me something. Find out what I need, what I want and what I am interested in. That is a simple courtesy, but when you start selling immediately I feel more like a wallet and less like a potential partner.
  6. I love you and if you add me to your Facebook group without asking me, I will unfriend you. I absolutely LOVE it when someone sends me a personal invitation to a group. I know it takes more time, but it’s so worth it. I feel honored to be invited.
  7. I love you and share your story with me. Many people don’t join an MLM initially to make money. They have a personal experience with the product and then, they see the potential. Your story is powerful and it will get me excited about supporting you!
  8. I love you and find creative ways to market yourself not just what the company sends you. I know a lot of women in direct sales which currently means I see a lot of the EXACT same posts on Facebook (or hear the same commercial at networking meetings). Find a way to stand out and shine. It doesn’t mean finding something completely unique, but rather just unique enough to be distinctive.
  9. I love you and brand YOU! I have seen some women do this masterfully. Some examples are 50 & Fabulash, Bags and Bling, and Mel’s Magic Shampoo. I know there are many others, but these are just a few I know. It’s another way to stand out. In addition, if your company happens to go bankrupt, close business or change their name your business name still works just great!
  10. I love you and brag about your company accomplishments! Do you drive a company car? Win sales awards? Go on company sponsored trips? Share that! It tells me you treat this business like a business and is another point of differentiation!

One thing I know for sure- when you love a company or find a product that supports your core values, you will SOAR!!

I want to remind you what I said at the beginning of this. I want YOU to be successful beyond your wildest dreams! Would you like to brainstorm some ideas around any of what I mentioned? Let’s have coffee or get on Skype! My brain tends to work better for others than it does for my own business. Go figure!

Cheers to your success!