Good afternoon! I hope this letter finds you well and that business is running smoothly. (wink, wink)

I am writing today to request adding the use of a coworking space to my remote work plan, and reimbursable expenses.

I want to list a few reasons this creates a win/win for us both!

1.    Using a local coworking space saves time driving. Less drive time means more time with my family and that makes for a happier me. Happy employees do better work, wouldn’t you agree?

2.    Having a coworking space delineates work and home. Working AND living in my house have made me feel like the walls are closing in.

3.    There is a sense of community in a coworking space that allows me to be out with people and helps battle isolation that is detrimental to my mental health.

4.    It encourages productivity. Because everyone in the coworking space is also working on their own jobs and/or projects – it’s easy to get stuff done. I understand how confusing that sounds but trust me.

5.    I have privacy when I need it. If I need to take calls or meet with clients, I can do that in the smaller rooms that are available to me.

6.    I have internet privacy as well. There are ethernet ports everywhere, so I don’t have to rely on a shared Wi-Fi network.

7. There is networking potential for finding new clients and/or suppliers for our business.

These are the personal reasons this is an effective option for me, but in addition, it cuts YOUR expenses! Less people in the office means less need for space, supplies, snacks, etc. Bonus, most coworking spaces are really affordable for a couple days a week and could provide the break from home and being around people time that many of us are craving.

In addition, the availability of coworking as an option for remote workers will make you more attractive as your company grows and you are competing for talent.

Please consider my humble request.

I am excited to join the space in my community with your support.

Your faithful employee,

Insert YOUR NAME here