Starting a new business is not easy and one of the biggest challenges for fledgling companies is finding clients. This was particularly true for Debby Mycroft when she started Memories Worth Telling, a boutique writing house producing personalized autobiographical books and family legacy letters. By becoming a member of InSpark Coworking, LLC., Debby was able to expand her networking opportunities and grow her business.

The Business

Every family has a history – stories, memories, advice, and traditions that are its legacy. Sadly, these precious memories are rarely recorded, fading in time as each generation moves forward. To help families preserve their history, Memories Worth Telling creates personalized and meaningful biographies from start to finish for generations to treasure.

Memories Worth Telling Logo

Debby started Memories Worth Telling for very personal reasons. Her mother held memories of several past generations and when her mother became ill with leukemia, Debby gave her a book in which to write down her memories so they would be saved for future generations.

Five years later when her mother died, Debby found the book untouched and its pages empty. With the loss of her mother came an acute awareness of lost family history. Debby realized that while she had recollections of various family stories her mother told; the details were already fading with time. Debby was grieving not only the loss of her mother, but also the loss of those who preceded her and realized that over time family values, traditions and beliefs would be lost.

Family Legacy Book
Family Legacy Book

To save others the same pain, Debby created Memories Worth Telling and works individually with families to preserve their unique legacies. Debby loves getting to know her clients and their fascinating stories. She reminds her clients that what they might consider the most mundane events are the things that other family members want to know and cherish.

To learn more about Debby and the services she offers visit Memories Worth Telling.

Legacy Letter

The Problem

For over 20 years (14 spent living and working in Hong Kong), Debby conducted business intelligence research and analyzed large volumes of data to prepare concise due diligence reports. Debby became an expert at obtaining and reviewing pertinent facts then summarizing complex data into salient and well-organized informational reports.

Debby understands that it is not enough to simply gather information; people also need to understand it. That is where Debby’s analytical abilities and writing skills merge to produce clear and thorough narratives.

Over the past 20 years Debby had built a reputation as an expert in her field and had developed a strong professional network. However, she realized that for Memories Worth Telling to be successful, she had to find new opportunities for networking and growing her fledgling business. She also needed a professional space in which to work and meet with clients and vendors.

Debby Mycroft
Debby Mycroft

The Solution

As Debby was launching Memories Worth Telling in 2017, Tracey Warren was launching InSpark Coworking, LLC. Debby already knew Tracey and believed that becoming a member of InSpark would provide her with the professional space in which to meet clients and vendors, as well as new opportunities to network.

“I love being part of a community of savvy business owners – every one is at the top of their game. Everyone shares ideas and is very supportive of each other – it’s like a family.”

Debby Mycroft, InSpark Member and Owner of Memories Worth Telling

Debby is highly satisfied with her decisions to become a member of InSpark. Two of her favorite things about being a member are meeting other business owners and having the support of Tracey and other InSpark members. Through coworking Debby has gotten social media marketing help and continues to learn new ways to improve and grow her business from other InSpark members. She enjoys being part of a community of savvy business owners who are at the top of their game and are willing to share ideas and support fellow entrepreneurs.

Most important to Debby are the social and community events that Tracey hosts on a regular basis. These events have given Debby the opportunities she needs to expand her network and meet new people outside of work, allowing her to grow her business contacts and meet potential clients.

Member Event
InSpark Member Event

The Outcome

Since joining InSpark, Debby has grown her business and has already worked with 20 clients. This is significant growth for her type of business which offers a service that is not well-known and requires educating people about what she offers and how it can benefit their families for generations.

Coworking Space
InSpark Coworking

Debby has taken advantage of the opportunities to grow her business through events hosted by InSpark, as well as the business advice and support she has received from Tracey and other members. Debby also appreciates the beautiful and professional looking space in which to meet clients and vendors without having to lease office space on her own.

Thinking about Joining a Coworking Space?

For those who are considering joining a coworking space but having made the step yet, Debby says, “Just Do It!” She suggests that anyone on the fence about joining a coworking space try it for a month and see if it is a fit for you.

Want to learn more about InSpark Coworking? Contact Tracey Warren with your questions and to schedule a tour: (425) 245-7998.