Coworking is a great option for home-based entrepreneurs who need a professional space in which to meet clients. For Dawn Anderson of Tiny Stars Creative, LLC this was a great benefit to becoming an InSpark Coworking member. But that isn’t the only benefit Dawn gets out of coworking; she’s also developed friendships with other InSpark members while growing her business.

The Business

Tiny Stars Creative, LLC is a creative studio that specializes in graphic design, website design and management, and marketing solutions for small to medium-sized businesses and nonprofits.

Founded by Dawn Anderson, an experienced Creative Director, Tiny Stars has been creating tailored creative solutions for companies and municipalities since 2012.

Prior to staring Tiny Stars Creative, Dawn was the Creative Director at a specialty finance company located in Philadelphia. When the finance company downsized, Dawn started to freelance for several companies before moving to Everett, WA to be with her husband who was already working in the Seattle area.

Dawn has produced creative and marketing solutions for a wide variety of clients, gaining valuable experience within numerous business sectors.

Dawn Anderson

She has worked in many diverse industries including Marine Products, Real Estate, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Non-Profit/Government, Insurance, Banking/Financial Services, Recruiting and Consumer Electronics.

To learn more about Dawn and the services she offers visit Tiny Stars Creative, LLC.

The Problem

Dawn’s creative talents and extensive experience were garnering her new business but working from home meant that meeting with clients required setting up appointments at local coffee shops. While this was an option, it was far from ideal.

InSpark Members

In addition to the need for a professional meeting space, Dawn realized working alone from home did not provide her the opportunity to brainstorm creative ideas with others, as well as give or receive feedback and advice regarding business challenges.

At times she missed the social interactions she had while working in the corporate world. As Dawn told me, working from home had perks like her cute dog as a co-worker, but the pup wasn’t very helpful with brainstorming, problem-solving, or providing creative feedback!

Furry Coworker!

The Solution

Dawn was already familiar with coworking from her time living in the Philadelphia area, were the first coworking space was opened. When she heard that Tracey Warren was launching InSpark Coworking, LLC, Dawn was eager to try out the new space.

She felt that InSpark would provide the perfect space for client meetings. She was also interested in connecting with other small business owners through coworking. Dawn spent one day working at InSpark and enjoyed it so much that she signed on as a member before she left for the day.

Member Workshop

Some of her favorite things about being a member are meeting other entrepreneurs and having the support of Tracey and other InSpark members. Being able to brainstorm with other business owners have helped Dawn hone creative work for her clients and improve her business. She’s come up with business ideas and has been able to determine if they are worth pursuing or not through feedback, advice, and hearing of other members’ business experiences. Having the ability to ask questions and share experiences with other business owners have provided Dawn with perspectives, resources, and solutions she may not have gained working alone from home.

Two of the best benefits Dawn has gained from coworking are the friendships she has made and new business opportunities. Meeting other InSpark members who understand the ups and downs of owning a small business has resulted in friendships with people she may not have met without coworking. She appreciates the support of other InSpark members and the willingness of members to help each other.

Grow your Business and Circle of Friends through Coworking

Dawn has been able to grow her business from word of mouth provided by the supportive community of InSpark members. She also has gained new business just by being at InSpark and talking to other members who end up hiring her to help them with the creative or marketing needs. And then there was the time someone walked into InSpark to ask for help in finding a graphic designer while she was working, resulting in a new client for her!

The Outcome

Since joining InSpark, Dawn has taken advantage of the opportunities to grow her business through the professional and personal connections she has made with InSpark members. Through sharing business advice and support she has formed some wonderful friendships with other members, and she has a beautiful and professional-looking space in which to meet clients. No more business meetings at coffee shops!

Thinking about Joining a Coworking Space?

For those who are on the fence about joining a coworking space, Dawn recommends trying it for a few days. She only works at InSpark once a week and has reaped so many benefits from the few hours she spends coworking every week.

She also suggests that if you enjoy working around other people, are not distracted by others talking, and are open to interacting and sharing with other entrepreneurs, then coworking would probably be a good fit for you.

Want to learn more about InSpark Coworking? Contact Tracey Warren with your questions and to schedule a tour: (425) 245-7998.