As InSpark grows and changes, we are attracting more members who are willing to spend a little more time on the road because they know the benefit they will receive by being here. So, we’ve been talking about turning our cars into university with podcasts and audio books.
We would love to know YOUR favorites, too. (please share in the comments!)
But, for now – these are some of the podcasts our members recommend!
  • Marcelle Allen with Dreamosity and LAF Tech NW loves many podcasts, but Own Your Awkward makes her giggle a lot.
  • Jennifer Hoffman with Plum Marketing had a few great recommendations.
    • The Rise Podcast:. This one is hosted by Rachel Hollis and features a lot of great stories about how entrepreneurs became successful. It’s very inspirational.
    • Online Marketing Made Easy: This one is hosted by Amy Porterfield who specializes in helping entrepreneurs create digital courses. Even if you’re not creating a digital course there are still lots of marketing topics that might interest you.
    • The Life Coach School: This one is hosted by Brooke Castillo and is a great one to listen to for mindset. I love listening to her when I just need a good pep talk about life stuff.
  • Amber Peterson with Cheers Consulting highly recommends Biz Chix Podcast – Lots of practical advice – and they also have a very active Facebook Group!
  • One of my favorites is The Rebel Rising Podcast. If you are a rebel on the rise, check it out. Super short and to the point podcasts around messaging that matters!
The top four listed link you to iTunes, but those same podcasts are also available wherever you listen to podcasts.
If you are going to be in traffic or on the road anyway, it’s a great time to LEARN something new!
Happy listening!