What is the name of your business??

Blocked To Brilliant?

How long have you been in business??

I’ve been in business 12 years but I’ve changed my company name a few times LOL. What can I say? ADHD FTW!


What is your favorite part of the work you do??

I love my clients. They are so cool and smart and passionate about their families. Just interacting with them is so rewarding, knowing that I can make them feel calmer and more hopeful by the end of the session.


Who is your ideal/favorite client to work with??

I can work with clients anywhere in the world, thanks to the World Wide Web! My favorite clients are parents that know they need help and are teachable and open-hearted. I’m strangely popular in Australia!


Who is a great referral partner for you? Or, who do you need an intro do??

I’d like to connect with a REAL book agent – not someone who teaches you how to publish a book. Someone who does the publishing work for you.


What is your favorite thing about working at InSpark Coworking??

One thing? I love how light it is and I love that people are friendly and supportive. And I love Tracey. That’s more than one favorite thing but I trust that it’s okay LOL.


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