Love your home office, but looking for opportunities to connect with people in real life? That?s exactly why we created our community membership.

Ultimately, coworking is about the community ? about amazing people with big goals and aspirations coming together to support one another and cheer each other onward and upward.

And, we get it. You have an office you love, or have carved out a great space to work in your home. But, maybe you are looking for a little more connection in the real world that doesn?t involve sitting at a coffee shop.

We launched the community membership in November and already have a handful of people taking advantage of the features and reaping some of the benefits.

We offer a number of great events every month ? Coffee with Creatives (4 times), as well as Tech Tuesday, Business Brainstorm, Community Potluck that are each once per month. In addition, the community membership allows you to cowork 8 month AND on Free Coworking Day, of course. Community members also have a place to put their business cards and flyers/brochures on display.

Community Membership is just $50 per month and is a great way to see how coworking fits into your life and business.

We would love to have you as a member of our community in this small way!

And, to be honest, we want you to fall in love!