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Meeting Rooms in Snohomish County

People often reach out for ideas for free meeting space, so we wanted to capture a list (incomplete for sure) of free and paid meeting spaces in the area. This is an incomplete list for sure. Please feel free to message me with your additions. In addition to this list, I would invite you to […]

Free Chair Massages!

When a massage school calls and says they have students who need to practice and need to do free chair massages and can they come to InSpark to offer them – of course we said yes – so YOU are invited to come in for a free (truly free – they can’t even accept tips) […]


Is it time to Marie Kondo your Facebook feed?

Does it spark joy? It’s a simple question when it comes to a t-shirt you have had since college, or the kitchen tool you’ve never used. But, how do you use that measurement to help with your social media? I would love to take a few minutes to share what I’ve done in hopes it […]


Lynnwood Small Business Person of the Year – WINNER

March 4, 2019 (Lynnwood, WA) Tracey Warren of InSpark Coworking wins the Alignable.com Lynnwood 2018 Small Business Person of the Year Award! It feels amazing to be recognized in this way for doing work I love in a community where I live and own my business, Tracey Warren, owner and self-proclaimed Chief Connection Officer and […]

Car University (ideas for your drive)

As InSpark grows and changes, we are attracting more members who are willing to spend a little more time on the road because they know the benefit they will receive by being here. So, we’ve been talking about turning our cars into university with podcasts and audio books. We would love to know YOUR favorites, […]

Dear Multi-Level Marketing Friend, I Love You AND…

You may not know this about me, but my background is in MLM and Direct Sales. I sold Avon for almost 19 years BEFORE social media. I also have experience with a few other direct sales companies. I also want to be clear about something. I am working at being much more direct in my […]

Demystifying Coworking Misconceptions

When out talking to people, I hear a lot of the same stories from people. So, I thought I would write this post to talk a little bit about those statements I hear repeatedly about why people don?t want to cowork. I will be too social. I totally get that one. Massive extrovert here and […]

Great Low Cost Business Tools

We had an event at our space recently where we talked about free and low cost tools for your business. These were some of the favorites discussed that relate specifically to marketing. Business owners are always looking for places to find free photos. If the image is for your website, I do highly recommend buying […]