Some people know immediately they need a full-time desk or office space – and we have them covered. Then there are others who like the idea of coworking but are not quite sure what that might look like for them.

That is exactly why we created a part-time membership. It is 40 hours of coworking per month and includes all the other benefits of coworking – free coffee, parking, networking, events, AND also includes 2 hours of conference room time per month

So, how could you use those hours?

We have a few ideas, but they are really endless!

  • Two hours per day, Monday – Friday
  • One day a week – pick a day and work all day every week. This is an especially great option for people who live a little further away.
  • One week per month – to GSD
  • Monday/Wednesday/Friday every week – 3-4 hours per visit
  • Tuesday/Thursday every week 4-5 hours per day

We could keep listing and are sure you have the idea

With homeschooling likely in the Fall, we are also considering an early morning or after-hours option for those people who want to get some dedicated work time in before or after your kids school days. Could this be you?

Coworking is about creating community and making it work for you. It is non-traditional work for our new work traditions – while we figure those out.

You can prepay for 6 months for $750 (get one month free) or pay $150 per month.

We would love to have you as member of our part-time crew!