5 things I’ve learned using a Acadium apprentice

A GenM.co apprentice can help your business grow.

Acadium is a great (and small) investment for entrepreneurs. I started using Acadium about 4 months ago and wanted to share a little more about my experience with an apprentice and review what I discovered using this service.

If you aren’t familiar, Acadium is a website that connects entrepreneurs with apprentices that are tasked with supporting your business.

Students can get online training and real-world work experience and business owners can get marketing support while partnering with an apprentice who wants to learn in an actual business setting. It can be a win for the student if you have a bit of time to mentor them and it can be a huge win for the business owner in several different ways. Below is my Acadium apprenticeship review.

Here are a few I have discovered:

  1. A different perspective! It has been great having an extra set of eyes on my content – whether that is my website or social media. My first apprentice was able to increase the SEO on my website with some feedback, a couple of great blog posts and some other tips that were in her skill set, but not in mine.
  2. Improving communication skills! It is helping me gain clarity about what kind of help I want to eventually hire out. Because each apprentice has a slightly different set of skills, I can experiment with them supporting me in a variety of areas.
  3. Learning to communicate more effectively! I am getting MUCH better with super clear communication about my expectations and desired outcomes. This is not one of my greatest strengths, so it’s a muscle that is worth exercising.
  4. Interviewing practice! I get to practice interviewing skills as I connect with potential matches.
  5. Mentoring and teaching! I love supporting potential entrepreneurs.

I am sure as I continue using this system, I will find more and more reasons to love it.

At $149 for the first three months, there is also minimal risk for any size business. If you use my link, you can even get $25 off your first purchase – https://genm.co/r/3l5d5g6l5 (Full disclosure – if you sign up, you get $25 and so do I)

I am happy to answer other questions if you have them?or follow my link and check out your potential matches.